Industry Leaders Engage in Dialogue by Singapore Management University

By: Paolo Monteiro

On October 4, Singapore Management University (SMU) held an Industry Leaders Dialogue, centered on the theme of “Deciphering Digital Disruptions and Ripples in Southeast Asia.” Attended by over 200 participants, the forum explored the impact of emerging trends on Southeast Asia’s innovation landscape, and steps the Philippines can take to improve its innovation ecosystem to catch up with the innovation leaders in the region.

During the panel discussion with SMU president Arnoud de Meyer and Makati Business Club chair Edgar Chua, Ayala Corporation Chairman and CEO, Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, emphasized that business objectives and innovation efforts should also be aligned with the development needs of the country. He opined that inclusive business models and stronger industry-academe collaboration are key to achieving this goal of sustainable development.

Ayala Foundation Scholars taking SMU’s Masters of Tri-Sector Collaboration (MTSC) also shared their experiences in their studies, particularly in the areas of sustainable livelihood and good governance. The MTSC is the world’s only advanced degree professionalizing partnership development and management. The program brings together mid-level professionals from government, business, and civil society, and challenges them to formulate collaborative solutions to complex socioeconomic and environmental challenges. 

During the conference, SMU’s International Advisory Council in the Philippines (IAC) was launched with Mr. Zobel serving as chair.  Composed of esteemed business leaders in the country, the IAC will support and provide guidance to SMU’s activities in the Philippines, which includes forums, networking sessions, and research.

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