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Policy on Energy, Water, and Waste Management
Ayala recognizes that natural resources are finite and that we have a responsibility towards the environment. We commit to the efficient use of energy and water in our products, services, operations, and facilities. We encourage our employees to practice conservation of energy and water in both the workplace and their respective homes, and we provide avenues for learning on how to positively contribute to the environment. We further promote for our employees to be responsible and to take part in the waste management efforts of the company. The organization will continue to monitor our environmental output, to seek effective ways to manage waste, and to promote ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Recover’ processes in our businesses. Throughout our operations and in all our offices, we ensure that we meet environmental regulations and promote ways that go beyond compliance. Ultimately, we support the government’s national efforts on environmental efficiency policies.


Policy on Biodiversity and Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
With the diversity of our businesses and broad geographic reach of our operations, Ayala recognizes that we must always be aware of how we affect the environment. We commit to giving positive impact to biodiversity in our operations, projects, activities, or facilities. We shall continue to monitor our outputs and report them in a fair and transparent manner. We endeavor to create and implement projects that will manage our greenhouse gas emissions as we strongly support the government’s national re-greening efforts.


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