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Employee Engagement in Ayala Corporation

Having strong initiatives on Employee Engagement is essential in cultivating a culture of Sustainability. This point was given light by John Philip Orbeta, the Managing Director and Head of the Corporate Resources Group of Ayala Corporation, JPO, as he is fondly known, began by introducing Seb Paquet’s quote that “Culture is the operating system of the organization”. He then elaborated the four methods in enhancing culture:

The first is to observe, and keep an eye out for opportunities to do things better. As one of the 2017 UN SDG Pioneers, JAZA has emphasized that Ayala “constantly look[s] for new ways to raise the standards of our value creation and sustainability processes to globally acknowledge principles”.

The second is to make art, or try out new things, and find ways to collaborate. Ayala has been spearheading various programs and projects to engage its workforce, from the Ayala Olympics (a quadrennial intra-Group event) and the JZA Cup (a yearly intraGroup competition in volleyball, basketball, golf, and cheer dance), to the range of Summits held by different departments within the group.

Create communities is the third method and it entails encouraging groups to meet up and to create. Ayala has established councils to prioritize various aspects of its business and drive the adoption of sustainability culture, such as: HR Council & HR Networks, ICT-CIO Forum, Security, Disaster Management, Internal Audit, Enterprise Risk Management, Sustainability, Regulatory, Corporate Communications, Innovation Advisory, Corporate Strategy, and International Business Development.

Interest groups have also been formed to encourage extra-curricular interests and bonding among the workforce such as the Ayala Chorale, Runners Club, VW Ladies’ Club, Camera Club, Mountaineering, Golf, Scuba Diving, and many others

And the last method is to Create a Shared Language, and enable its adoption as part of organizational culture. Among the different subsidiaries, a shared language, aptly called the Ayala jargon, has already been in practice, with catch-phrases such as Ayala Land’s “Enhancing land, enriching lives”, AFI’s “BrigadangAyala” (Ayala Brigade) volunteer program, Globe’s “Globe morning!”, BPI’s “Make the best things happen”, and AC Health’s “Laging may PLUS


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