AC Health Is Working to Care for All Filipinos

"AC Health, with a network of clinics, drug stores and innovative health delivery systems, could very well serve as a safety net for ordinary householders and communities by looking after people’s health needs and providing peace of mind," shares Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Rina Jimenez-David.

In photo (L-R): Rizzy Alejandro, Marketing, AC Health | Jerome Uy, Founder and CEO, MedGrocer | Jay Ferrer, VP for Operations, Generika | Paolo Borromeo, CEO and President, AC Health | Paul Darroca, General Manager, Family Doc | Dr. Mike Santos, Medical Director, AC Health | Deedee M. Siytangco, Moderator

"Government health services—from the most basic health centers to huge state-run hospitals—often get a bad rap because sheer congestion and low health budgets mean patients must wait for long periods before being attended to, receive perfunctory if not inadequate diagnosis, and suffer through the lack of diagnostic tools, lab work and even procedures.

"One other reason is that even patients who could afford to pay for basic consultations or treatment are often forced to visit emergency rooms of government and even private hospitals for simple complaints, because they don’t have access to alternative sources of care.

"This is where smaller basic health facilities, such as FamilyDoc, could bridge the health service gap between government health centers and tertiary-level hospitals. The clinics could also provide an alternative for medical professionals who are seeking more intimate, personal contact with patients, without going through the wringer of impersonal, demanding health delivery as demanded by huge hospitals."

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