Valuing Our Natural Capital

Our sustainability policy is to protect and conserve the environment while we grow our business. This drives us to innovate and find new business models, processes, products, and services that minimize our environmental impacts.

Addressing environmental challenges while pursuing economic growth and improving quality of life is possible through collaboration, shared vision and goals, and social inclusion. In this section, we highlight our initiatives and achievements in ecosystems and biodiversity protection, resource efficiency, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Viewed from a long-term and larger perspective, we are not only managers of our businesses but also stewards of our planet.

Materials and Waste Management
Recognizing resource scarcity as a major global sustainable development challenge, Ayala invests in materials management measures to minimize waste in construction, recover waste in manufacturing, and effectively collect, process, treat, and properly dispose waste generated by our various business activities.

Energy Efficiency and Sufficiency
Ayala implements programs and policies that are focused on achieving energy efficiency. In our daily operations, we manage our energy consumption to ensure our operations are productive, financially healthy, and environmentally sound. Moreover, we contribute to energy sufficiency by investing in new energy generation from traditional and renewable energy sources.

Water Accessibility and Security
Ayala manages its impacts on water withdrawal through efficiency measures, use of surface water whenever available, and compliance to the water extraction and utilization provisions of the Philippine Water Code as well as the water quality standards of the Philippine Clean Water Act.

Biodiversity Protection, Rehabilitation, and Protection
Ayala is committed to protect and restore biodiversity in natural habitats where it operates. We undertake comprehensive studies of flora and fauna as part of our due diligence before we embark on any new development. These studies guide our approach in the design and implementation of each project to minimize potentially harmful impacts on biodiversity. This informs our restoration initiatives, awareness campaigns, and collaborations with stakeholder partners.

Monitoring and Management of GHG Emissions
Ayala voluntarily monitors, manages, and reports greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in accordance with the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard. We monitor our carbon footprint, or the total amount of GHG emissions from fuel consumption, purchased electricity, and energy consumed in the use of our products. We implement a wide range of mitigation approaches that are appropriate to our businesses such as energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.

Sustainability in Products and Services
We integrate sustainability into our product design, service delivery, manufacturing processes, and customer engagement.

We create products and provide services that meet the needs of our customers who, in turn, reduce their own environmental footprint. This involves engaging a broad range of stakeholders to promote sustainable consumer behavior and lifestyle choices.

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
Both government and the private sector play a big role in climate change adaptation. At Ayala, we consider managing the economic, environmental, and social impact of climate change as integral to protecting our businesses and the communities where we operate.

Using the Enterprise Risk Management processes of our businesses, we continue to identify and address climate change risks in our sites and offices using scientific information and metrics.

Management Systems
Ayala adopts internationally accepted management systems in its business operations. Its companies are certified to meet ISO standards on business continuity, energy management, quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety as well as industry-specific standards on IT service management and information security, among others.

By applying these management principles throughout our business operations, we comply with existing government regulations. We become more efficient and productive, satisfy our customers, minimize environmental impacts, and provide a healthy and safe workplace.


Learn more about our sustainability journey in our sixth conglomerate-wide Sustainability Report, an externally assured publication based on G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative. The report, titled Let's create shared value, underscores the commitment of the Ayala group to continue aligning its business and social initiatives with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We also invite you to view our 2015 Sustainability Video.


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