Risk Policy

Risk management is a constantly evolving process, and our companies are focused on how best to respond to new and changing conditions.

At the holding company, Ayala has adopted a six-step process to risk management: 

- Identify risk drivers or sources
- Measure the price of failure or possible value creation opportunities
- Formulate strategies to manage risks; present these to the risk owners and other stakeholders to obtain approval
- Assess current capabilities to implement the risk management strategies
- Identify detailed action plans and resources required; present the action plans to the risk owners, the Management Committee, and the Audit and Risk Committee for approval; carry out planned activities
- Monitor implementation of risk mitigation strategies; update stakeholders on status of implementation; evaluate the effectiveness of strategies and improve if needed

Constant communications from the Board and senior management serve to reinforce and nurture the risk management culture at Ayala and will remain a key differentiator, adding value to the group.

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