Corporate Social Responsibility

As the Ayala group’s social development arm, Ayala Foundation Inc. envisions communities where people are productive, creative, self-reliant, and proud to be Filipino. As a believer in creating shared value and inclusive business, it has four key program areas: Education, Youth Leadership, Sustainable Livelihood, and Arts and Culture.

In 2014, partnerships fueled Ayala Foundation’s initiatives into becoming more relevant, more impactful, and more sustainable. This spirit of collaboration—heralded by the foundation’s “As One We Can” campaign launched in 2013—served as a rallying point in making positive change through its program pillars: Education, Youth Leadership, Sustainable Livelihood, and Arts and Culture.

One of the highlights in 2014 was the 10th anniversary of Text2Teach, a mobile education intervention in English, Mathematics, Science, and Values Education. This program, implemented in partnership with Microsoft, Globe, the Department of Education, and local governments, has reached over 300,000 students from over 1,000 public elementary schools in 78 cities and municipalities. Text2Teach was recognized by Public Affairs Asia in Hong Kong with a Gold Standard Award for Public-Private Partnerships. The program is on the way to being mainstreamed into the public education system.

The Center of Excellence in Public Elementary Education continues to provide high-quality and values-driven education for poor but bright students from Manila and Batangas.

Ayala Foundation launched the Training Institute to bring the CENTEX experience to public elementary schools across the country. In 2014, the Training Institute trained and mentored 565 teachers and reached four schools.

Youth Leadership
Ayala Young Leaders Congress, the flagship youth leadership program of the Ayala group, added 81 promising student leaders to its roster of over 1,200 alumni, who continue to bring the AYLC brand of servant leadership to various sectors of society.

Leadership Communities continued to harness the youth’s passion for service through projects that address pressing issues in the local community. In 2014, LeadCom reached 241 community youth, who implemented 41 community projects that benefited 2,688 community members.

Sustainable Livelihood
A key program area for the foundation in 2014 was sustainable livelihood. It was implemented in four communities (El Nido, Palawan; Calauan, Laguna; Talipanan, Oriental Mindoro; and Tondo, Manila) by way of connection to markets, skills training, and product development support. The foundation’s sustainable livelihood initiatives directly helped 500 individuals and their families.

Arts and Culture
The Ayala Museum and Filipinas Heritage Library remained as two of the top private institutions for Philippine art, history, and culture. In July, the museum’s “Inspire Every Day” campaign drew over 3,300 guests on launch day.
The museum presented compelling exhibitions in 2014. FHL also launched a mobile app called Filipiniana Online, an online portal making rare materials about the Philippines accessible.

Disaster Rehabilitation and Recovery
Rehabilitation and recovery efforts for communities severely affected by Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan were aided by partnerships. Initiatives focused on education and sustainable livelihood in northern Negros Occidental, with additional support in Leyte. The foundation turned over two school buildings, helped provide fishing boats and pedicabs, set up sari-sari stores, and aided in the rehabilitation of farm lands.

Heritage preservation through livelihood training was the strategy in helping rebuild the watchtower of the Dauis Church in Bohol, a heritage structure that was severely damaged by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake in 2013. The foundation worked closely with Escuela Taller to train out-of-school youth in Bohol in heritage reconstruction, in order to begin work on the Dauis watchtower.

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