Business Conduct and Ethics

Ayala adopts as part of its basic operating principles, the primacy of the person, shared values and the empowerment of people.

The company and its employees are guided by four core values: integrity, long-term vision, empowering leadership and commitment to national development. These values are expressed in the company’s Code of Ethical Behavior, which sets and outlines the general expectations and standards for employee behavior and ethical conduct. The Code is in accord with the company’s human resources policies, which include the Code of Conduct that prescribes standards by which employees are expected to conduct themselves. Employees are required to disclose annually any business and family related transactions to ensure that potential conflicts of interest are brought to management attention.

Ayala maintains fair dealings with its shareholders, customers, employees and business partners. As such, all Ayala citizens, including senior executives and members of the executive and management committees, strive to maintain an exceptional standard of conduct guided by the company’s policies and procedures.

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