Ayala Corporation, a holding company with a diverse business portfolio, has a legacy of pioneering the future. Founded in 1834, it has achieved its position of leadership by being values driven, goals oriented, and stakeholder focused. Anchored on values of integrity, long- term vision, empowering leadership, and commitment to national development, we fulfil our mission to ensure long-term profitability, increase shareholder value, provide career opportunities, and create synergies as we build mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances with those who share our philosophy and values. With entrepreneurial strength, we continue to create a future that nurtures to fruition our business endeavors and personal aspirations.

  • Real Estate
  • Water Infrastructures
  • Energy
  • Social Commitment
  • Financial Services
  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications
  • BPO and Education
  • Automotive