Rooted in an entrepreneurial vision and carried through generations by an untiring spirit of pioneering and innovation, Ayala has reached 180 years with greater strength than ever, its presence in the nation’s economic, social, and cultural life larger and deeper, its further promise and potential incalculable.

The Ayala corporate character is the reason for all these—traced to the company’s founders, cultivated by successions of successful leaders and managers, and nurtured decade after decade by dedicated and faithful employees. People are what make Ayala’s history.

With the communities—mall merchants, telecom retailers, bank clients, cooperatives of water consumers, and micro-entrepreneurs—Ayala continues to create shared value. It keeps a keen eye on their emerging socioeconomic contributions as these become increasingly linked with its own, so that together they can grow and flourish.

From 1834 to 2014, an Ayala core value has remained the same and will continue without cease: the deeply held commitment to Philippine development and to the Filipino.

Explore 180 years of Ayala’s history at www.ayala180.com.

  • Real Estate
  • Water Infrastructures
  • Energy
  • Social Commitment
  • Financial Services
  • Electronic Manufacturing
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Telecommunications
  • BPO and Education
  • Automotive